About Us

Genuine Passion

LeHands was created by Leanne Howie, a licensed Regional Makaton Tutor based in Dundee. Leanne was inspired to become a Tutor by her six year old daughter, Robyn, who was born with a complex genetic condition and subsequently found communication challenging. Robyn cannot talk at all, however, thanks to Makaton, Robyn now has a vocabulary of hundreds of words and can communicate with the world around her. 

Leanne wanted to share her unique experience as a parent who is also a tutor with other families struggling with communication difficulties. No one can truly understand the joy of a childs first sign the way another parent can.

After successfully hosting Dundee's very first Signing Santa Makaton Grotto in 2016, it was clear how many people in the local community shared our dream to participate in a signing community and LeHands was born.

A Huge Range of Courses

As a Regional Tutor with The Makaton Charity, LeHands offers a full range of courses covering all stages from Signing with Babies,  older children with speech delay or English as a second language, children and adults with additional support needs, as well as the whole host of professionals who may come into contact with these groups and anyone else who just wants to learn for fun.

Our Mission

LeHands wants to create a Makaton signing community in Dundee. We want to raise awareness of Makaton as a signing language. We also want to  create affordable access to high quality courses and materials for parents/carers and professionals. We hope to create signing peer groups for Makaton users to offer Makaton sign help, to remove barriers to friendship, promote inclusion and acceptance in the wider community.